First Baptist Church Preschool


April 20, 2020


Dear FBC Preschool Parents and Students:

We are saddened that our school year has ended the way that it has.  We had hoped that it would have been possible to finish the term with completed curriculum, picnic, and for some graduation.  While this was not possible, we will cherish our memories of the time we did have together.

We have put together packets that will include completed schoolwork and new work that you may do with your child to finish letters, colors, and shapes.   It will also include a 2020-2021 enrollment form for those students planning to return in the Fall.  Fall enrollment forms are also available on our website (  A Preschool teacher will deliver your packet to your door on Wednesday, April 22.

For those who had paid their March statement, a refund of $40 for four sessions will be available.  Please let Ms. Debbie know if you would like the refund mailed or credited to the Fall term if your child is returning to FBC Preschool this Fall.  Debbie’s cell phone number is (816) 592-1511. 

For those who have an outstanding balance and who are able to pay, the amount due is $70.00 and may be sent via mail to the church office, P.O. Box 274, ATTN:  Preschool.

Thank you for the privilege of caring for children’s education and may God bless you.



Debbie Smith, Kathy Liles, Nikki Wade, Kassadi Florence, Whitney Bruto

First Baptist Preschool Teachers